Various customers already have found their way to De Cockpit to let their development questions and team improvement wishes take flight.

Martijn Peters
Director DEX, International M&A

Lodewijk van Ommeren
Director Bureau Zuidema

Our customers come from many disciplines, some of which are:
The medical world, (partners of) law firms, accounting firms, consultancy firms, various banks, DGAs, CEOs, CIOs, CFOs and CXOs of various companies.

"Above expectations! I thought the focus would be on the simulator, but that is not the case; it's really about the content here."

Ronald van Rijn
Partner of JBR, Management Consultants & Corporate Finance

"Dear Diederik, my experiences of yesterday were the subject of conversation this morning during breakfast. I really enjoyed it and what a beautiful profession you have. I want to thank you very much for your endless patience, the program, your enthusiasm, and commitment! And would you also like to pass on my thanks to Stephan and the other instructor (whose name I have forgotten). Also on behalf of the Club of Rome: all praise and many thanks! Gear up. "

Loek Wijchers
Honorary Partner HCG

"What an experience and how nice that you have added the hours to my logbook. I hope that you will get a lot of customers because of the high quality."

Rita Perez,
Former member of the Supervisory Board (RVC), former board member Volker Wessels

"Steering yourself is even more challenging than
flying a plane. "

Member of RVC of a medium-sized company

"Recently completed the training of De Cockpit. What a unique experience! The combination of a flight simulator(whichs completely gets you out of your comfort zone), with the Structogram program, distinguishes De Cockpit from the wide range of management training courses. Highly recommended! "

André Posthuma
SAP Nederland BV

"Recognizing yourself during training with the challenge to deliver an unexpected top performance is the result of "De Cockpit". I don't know any safer, more effective and more fun way. Very cool... It is a must to take (off) with Diederik van Ommeren. "

R. Kingma
Former CEO of Delft Instruments, chairman of various supervisory boards

"This makes me think again and gives me new insight into the way I work together."

A lawyer